My Nail Polish Jewelry

I spend a lot of my time creating nail polish jewelry. I started out by painting cabochons and making simple nail polish creations a couple of years ago. Since then I have continuously developed and improved my technique. I have ended up with my own and unique way of  making nail art jewelry, often with names or text imbedded in the glass.

Below you see a couple of my creations and I continuously post new pictures here at my blog.

I do take orders, so if you like what you see you are welcome to send me an email. I do ship internationally.

DSC_0252DSC_0612 - version 3DSC_0297DSC_0102 - version 2DSC_0093 - version 2DSC_1007 - version 2DSC_0447 - version 4DSC_0119 - version 3DSC_0096 - version 3DSC_1808 - version 3DSC_0284 - version 3DSC_0146 - version 3

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