nail polish trends 2015

A year has passed since I started 2014 by predicting some nail polish trends for the new year. And now it is time to do so again for this new year. Sooo, what will the nail polish year of 2015 bring us polish addicts? What colors to wear? And what kind of finishes are to be the largest trends of 2015? These are my predictions, hopes and dreams for the nail polish year of 2015:


In 2015 I think the metallic finishes are coming back in a large scale. One hint is to look at the new spring collection of Chanel for 2015. The have launched a set of three different polishes and Paradisio is a green toned silver metallic polish. I think more brands will follow.



In 2015 we will also see a broad spectrum of velvet, or suede, polishes. This finish is not new in any way, but it has been a couple of years since the matte velvet finish was hot. Now it is coming back. One of my absolute favourite brands, Dance Legend, recently launched a line of velvet polishes. I got to get my hands on some of those. Take a look at Llarowe if you are interested in this perfect polish brand. You won’t get disappointed. And take a look at the amazing swatches at Lakoman.


Picture from:

dusty colors

In 2014 we saw a lot of dusty shades. Especially the dusty purple toned taupe color could be seen in a wide range of collections. The dusty color scale will be trendy even in 2015 I think.  The purple taupe will still be around, followed by dusty green and blue.


Another oldie that is coming back is the trend of flake glitter polishes. Flakes were big a couple of years ago, especially the brand Nfu Oh had a line of stunningly beautiful flake polishes. Flakes have been quite absent in the nail polish world since, but recently Llarowe launched a collection of flakies, the Doctor Who Collection, and suddenly flakes are trendy again. So dust of your old flake polishes or buy some new ones, from Llarowe or another of all the other manufacturers that are to follow. See some more great swatches of the Doctor Who Collection at Set in Lacquer.


Picture from: Set in Lacquer

So, these are my predictions. Am I right? Who knows, the future will bring clarity in that matter.

What are your hopes and expectations for 2015?


China Glaze The Giver Collection 2014

The giverw

From left to right: Community, Five Rules, Friends Forever Right?, New Birth, Capacity to See Beyond; Intelligence, Integrity and Courage; Release, History of the World, Givers Theme & Seeing Red.

This must be this year’s most under-rated collection: China Glaze The Giver Collection 2014!

Most of the comments I’ve heard about this collection are “boring”, “naaahh”, “I won’t buy it” and more “boring”. Apperently you guys don’t see what I see!

In my eyes this is one of the most beautiful and exciting collections of 2014. I love the muddy shades of the collection and I think China Glaze has managed to really put together a well chosen palette of colors where each and every one complement the rest.

These beauties will be great for fall nail art and I can see endless variations of color combinations among these polishes that will be just perfect together. I don’t know where to start!!

The only disappointment about this collection is the two glitter polishes; The Outer Edge & Boundary of Memory. Ugly!! I didn’t bother to order them….


Det här måste vara årets mest underskattade kollektion: The Giver 2014 från China Glaze!

De flesta kommentarer jag hört om denna kollektion har varit “tråkig”, dötrist”, “blä” och några fler “tråkig”. Uppenbarligen ser inte ni vad jag ser!

I mina ögon är The Giver-kollektionen en av årets mest vackra och spännande kollektioner. Jag bara älskar den dammiga tonen på lacken och jag tycker China Glaze verkligen har lyckats med att skapa en väl sammanhållen färgskala där varje lack kompletterar övriga nyanser.

De här skönheterna kommer vara fantastiska att använda till höstig nail art och jag kan se en oändlig variation av färgkombinationer som kommer passa perfekt ihop. Jag vet inte vart jag ska börja!!

Den enda besvikelsen med denna kollektion är de två glitterlacken The Outer Edge och Boundary of Memory. Usch! Jag brydde mig aldrig om att beställa dem…

Zoya Game of Tones – Sansa


Zoya is going to launch a Game of Thrones inspired collection this fall, 2014, called Game of Tones. Isn’t that just amazingly exciting news?!

This is a sneak peek of the nail polish Zoya Sansa!

I can’t wait for more info!



Åhhhhh, jag tror jag svimmar av lacklycka!!

Zoya har precis släppt en sneak peek av sin kommande Game of Thrones-inspirerade höstkollektion Game of Tones. Som både Zoya- och GoT-fan är nyheten fantastisk!!

Game of Tones kommer under hösten 2014. Jag ser med spänning fram emot mer info!