black striped gradient nail art

svart stripe fotor 1

I’ve been a bit off lately and my motivation for nails and blogging has been at the bottom. But as always the inspiration returns after a while. Yay!!

back in black

I recently rediscovered my love for black nails and I have a new favorite, IsaDora Jugend Black. A perfect onecoater which looks like a black cream but up close you  can see a tiny hint of shimmer. Love the color and love the formula!

svart stripe1_Fotor

the stripes

I’m obsessed with accent nails for the moment and I wanted to add some color to the manicure. I chose three creams from China Glaze, the green Grass is Lime Greener, the blue Capacity to See Beyond and the purple Givers Theme. I quickly made the gradients by using a sponge and then added some stripes. For these I used striping tape.

I really like the result. Dark and vampy but with some hints of color. Do you like it?

poisonous pink nail art

DSC_1122 - version 2_Fotor

Today it is Nail Art Sunday at LeLack, as every sunday. The today´s theme is focused on rising awareness of breast cancer and the pink ribbon campaign, just like the United in Pink initiative that Lacky Corner is hosting this week.

poison and optimism

Cancer is a devastating disease. In your fight against the poisonous sickness you need to have an optimism. An optimism that you someday will get well, and an optimism that enables you to see things positive in the everyday life you are living in the middle of the crisis. At least that is how I feel about the frustrating time of sickness I’m going through myself at the moment. (Not cancer though…) And I wanted to capture this feeling in the nail art for today.


inspired by joanne

I saw an awesome poison mani at the blog Witch Nails the other day which I used as inspiration for this manicure. (By the way, this is the first time ever I saw a good use of crackle polish.) Then I added an accent nail with flowers I painted with some dotting tools.


the palette

For this manicure I started with the pink Essie Too Taboo and IsaDora Jugend Black. Then I topped everything with the crackle polish IsaDora Black Tag. The poison touch was then finalized with some extra Essie Too Taboo at the tips.

The accent nail has China Glaze Friends Forever Right? as base color, then I used the same pink and black polishes as on the other nails to dot the flowers. Finally I added a hint of neon green in the middle, China Glaze Grass Is Lime Greener.


The Neverending Pile Challenge – Textured – IsaDora Wine Crush

IsaDora Wine Crush

IsaDora Wine Crush

The Neverending Pile Challenge moves on and today’s theme is “Textured”. The Swedish brand IsaDora makes excellent texture polishes and this is Wine Crush from their Sugar Crush collection.

Wine Crush covered in one easy applied coat and the extra wide brush of the IsaDora polishes makes the application a delight. Gorgeous polish I must say! The deep burgundy color really appeals to me and the subtle multicolored glitter is stunning.

To highlight the manicure a little extra I added some white stripes by using some striping tape and the white OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

IsaDora Wine Crush

IsaDora Wine Crush

The Neverending Pile Challenge rullar vidare till dagens tema som är “Texturlack”. Vårt svenska märke IsaDora gör utmärkta texturlack och här ser du Wine Crush från deras texturkollektion Sugar Crush.

Wine Crush täckte på ett lättlackat lager och IsaDoras extra breda pensel gör appliceringen till en fröjd. Vilket vackert lack! Jag gillar skarpt den djupa vinröda färgen och det diskreta, multifärgade glittret är grädden på moset. 

För att lyfta manikyren lite extra gjorde jag en accentnagel med några vita ränder. Lite striping-tejp och OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls hjälpte mig med detta.

Mother’s Day Gifts for the Book Lover!

DSC_0590 - version 3

IsaDora Silver Sparkles, Zoya Reva & Zoya Charla

There’s Mother’s day coming up soon here in Sweden, so I’ve made some pieces of nail polish jewelry for the occasion. These are page markers I’ve made with the inscription “Älskad Mamma” which means “Beloved Mother” in swedish.

The heart is about 50*35 mm and decorated with IsaDora Silver Sparkles and Zoya Reva and Zoya Charla at the first picture. The second piece is decorated with IsaDora Silver Sparkles, Zoya Faye and China Glaze Swing Baby.

These are for sale for 150 SEK, which is about 23 USD. Let me know if you are interested.

DSC_0575 - version 2

IsaDora Silver Sparkles, Zoya Faye & China Glaze Swing Baby

Snart är det Mors Dag! Inför denna hyllning till alla mammor har jag gjort några Mors dags-smycken. Dessa bokmärken består av en bokmärkesstav dekorerad med ett hjärta med texten “Älskad Mamma”.

Hjärtat är ca 50*35 mm och det övre smycket är färglagt med IsaDora Silver Sparkles, Zoya Reva och Zoya Charla. Det undre är målat med IsaDora Silver Sparkles, Zoya Faye och China Glaze Swing Baby.

Dessa är till salu för 150 kr styck. Maila mig om du är intresserad!


An absent necklace


It’s been a while since my previous post. I always seem to loose my blog inspiration when the winter holds it grip here in the north of Sweden, Its dark. Annoyingly dark. It is absolutely impossible to catch some sun light for taking decent photos.

But I have been a bit more productive with my jewelry making, since christmas is coming up.

This is one of the necklaces I’ve made recently. A soft rainbow color scheme on a silvery base. I have mainly used several different Zoya polishes for this one, e.g Zoya Apple and Zoya Reva.

På vintern lyckas jag alltid tappa fart i bloggandet. Mörkret gör det så förbaskat svårt att fånga bra bilder, det dassiga halvljuset kommer man inte långt på.

Men eftersom julen snart står för dörren så har jag varit lite mer produktiv med mina smycken istället. Det har ramlat in ett par beställningar på julklappar, så skoj!

Det här är ett av de halsband jag gjort nyligen. En mild regnbågsskala på en silvrig botten. Till detta har jag använt IsaDora Silver Sparkles och flera Zoya-lack, bl a Zoya Apple och Zoya Reva.

Red, Black & White Skitlette

DSC_0551 - version 2

Today I’m wearing a red, black and white skitlette manicure. In short you can say that the skitlette manicure combines several finishes and accent nails and this can be varied in endless ways.

I chose the three colors red, black and white. On my ring finger I made a simple geometrical pattern by using dotting tools and for one nail I used the textured polish Black Crush from the Swedish brand IsaDora.

The nail polishes used for this manicure was China Glaze Liquid Leather, China Glaze Bing Cherry, IsaDora Black Crush and OPI My boyfriend scales walls.

Idag bär jag en skitlette manikyr i svarta, röda och vita nyanser. Kort sagt så är skitlette en manikyr där du kombinerar flera olika finishar och tekniker på olika naglar. En superrolig teknik som kan varieras i det oändliga och som på ett enkelt sätt ger en effektfull nail art manikyr.

Nagellacken jag använde till den här manikyren var China Glaze Liquid Leather, China Glaze Bing Cherry, IsaDora Black Crush och OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.